Why Does the World Need Savings?

Hello, dear readers of finance ideas. In this article, we will focus on an attitude and a humane behavior that concerns everyone from seven to seventy, man, woman and child. Attitude!


Attitude is a virtue of equal importance in all religions. Just as in the form of patience, in the form of benevolence, in the form of peace. In all the holy books, being thrifty and helpfulness are underlined. Attitude and benevolence are actually two human stances arm in arm. Because the thrifty is only helpful. It also means that as you nibble from something and collect it in your hand, you are actually serving the interests of the world, our planet, and our common living spaces, even though it may seem indirect at first.

There was once no human being in our world. There were dinosaurs. The life of the dinosaurs came to an absolute end due to the impact of a meteorite on the earth, and instead of them, we, briefly human beings, came to this planet. With the birth of man, there was a conflict of consciousness. Because we are the only beings with consciousness and will sent to earth. Thus, we entered into a fierce battle, an unnecessary conflict, in order to dominate nature.

Why did man want to dominate nature? To naturally become the absolute master of the world. He just missed one thing, ungrateful and insatiable humankind! Every relentless struggle with nature, with mother nature, is to our detriment whether it is won or lost. Because destroying nature means that those who spend its endless and unlimited powers for instant pleasure and gain without leaving it for later, by doing it in this way means cutting the hand that gives it bread.


History never forgives the ungrateful and the insatiable. Many tribes once perished because of it. If we don’t want humanity to be wiped out from the world, if you don’t want to brag about colonizing Mars, we kindly ask you to turn your eyes to our article on this important subject.

Is Humanity Going Back to Ancient Times?  Our article, titled, presents the signs that we will return to the dark ages and primitive times, if the attitude is not taken. Let’s follow the footsteps of the poet who said that beauty will save the world and everything will start with loving a person, and let’s start the winds of change from ourselves.

Be the light of attitude with you!

If We Don’t Go The Attitude Path 


There is a saying that we often hear in Turkey, which has now become a cliché: “ Austerity tightening. 

They keep saying “austerity policy” almost every five years. Afterwards, people’s purchasing power decreases, everything goes up. Again, a similar explanation has been made recently, and although human beings are in a state of austerity, they are still forced to take the path of attitude with their last remaining energies.

Now, dear readers of finance ideas: First, let’s know: When is attitude necessary? Before it becomes necessary. There is something like this in this modern saying. If you fulfill the savings that you need to do, with the instruction or request of someone else, it means that there is an error, a problem in that business. It’s not an attitude, it’s called austerity policy.

 Even if you don’t pay attention to attitude in our article titled 7 Rare, Valuable Things Money Can Never Buy, at least you will have learned the basic principles that will keep you happy even if you run out of money in the future by knowing the things money can never buy. The importance of all kinds of savings, with or without money, still continues and will continue to be.

Another meaning of saving is knowing how to be patient.

The Two Kinds of Saving 

1- Individual Attitude: 

The individual attitude often manifests as throwing money aside, cutting down on luxury spending, based on ourselves or our family. It concerns one’s own living space. For example, the energy that an officer who is approaching retirement starts to throw away money to buy a car or the money he has saved during his business life is also called attitude.

The individual attitude is divided into two in itself. The first is called the imperative attitude. It takes place under the name of maintenance. If the person in question does not act, they cannot pay their debts, pay their bills or pay their rent. As a result of this, it takes a step into the troubled days that we can call difficult and dark days.

The second type of individual attitude is saving for a luxury, expensive and essential products to be purchased, as a pleasure or strategically. Someone who wants to buy a car as we gave an example in the first place, or someone who wants to buy a house after a few years, can engage in this type of austerity policies. This means that such an attitude is not obligatory, but it is not exactly gratifying either. It means showing patience and perseverance in monetary terms for a much bigger purpose.


2- Social Attitude: 

If you regret that our air is getting polluted from year to year, if you get goosebumps about environmental pollution, if you suffer from witnessing that the population of people who do not have so much work and hunger is increasing, it means that you are ready to take care of something for the social attitude.

First of all, the social attitude is a type of austerity that concerns the whole world. Asking “why is this the way it is” or “isn’t it too flashy or excessive for it to be this way” constitutes the general ethical structure of this type of disposition. We need to question the irrationality of spending so much money on entertainment for just one night, when there are so many hungry children and an army without a job, to the lady who wore a wedding dress worth 500 thousand liras at a wedding.

Attitude is first and foremost a way of life and a way of thinking. It is a struggle to do something, to save someone, in order to make the world more livable, to narrow the gap of inequality between human beings even a little bit.

For this, we should also develop environmental awareness. Because there is only one world we live in, and its resources are running out. It means that we should start saving not from money, but from our environment, nature, in short, from our unique world. Otherwise, as the science-fiction films produced in its time have pointed out to us, a dark future awaits us soon , where the rich dominate the poor majority, acid rain falls and the environment is bad as carrion.


Our  article titled Establishing an Environmentalist Organization is an article about a subject that draws a common parallel to attitude awareness, albeit indirectly. Those who wish can read our article and start fighting in various fields in order to save the world.

A visual prepared for retirees who want to buy a car…

Importance of Saving in Children 

Every time I brushed my teeth when I was little, there is a warning that my father gave me in a quick way: ‘ ‘Use the toothpaste as much as a lentil grain. “Here, the lentil grain is an important example. My father, who warned me in this way when I was almost a child, has now been instrumental in giving this example in this article.

It should follow in the footsteps of my father, who even put toothpaste in the guise of attitude and produced a useful future awareness from it. It means that we show our respect to every item and every product we use, by using it sparingly and sparingly. To whom you say respect, we can include an expression that is frequently used in society. “ There is what is not. 

Ancient human beings were undoubtedly more attitude conscious. Even the grandparents of some of us saw the time of famine . For this reason, the ancient human being, who instead of throwing away stale bread, keeps it waiting by making toast right after it, keeps things that keep and goes to repair instead of throwing them away, should set an example for us.

Therefore, we should teach and show attitude awareness to our children, in short, to our future. In this way, at least our world will become a slightly more livable place.

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