What It Takes To Become A Basketball Coach

Hello everyone. In this article, we will tell you about basketball, which is the most watched and popular sport in our country after football, and the way of coaching in this field in detail. For those who want to master basketball and become a trainer in a basketball team, we will list the requirements one by one. In addition, we will share with you the principal and documents / licenses needed to become a basketball coach. Finally, we will evaluate the pros and cons of being a basketball coach and the job opportunities together.

So let’s get started!

Although basketball is a game that originated in the USA, it soon showed its effectiveness in the international arena and in a very short time it formed its own teams and fanatics in foreign countries. One of these countries is our beloved country Turkey. So, what are the documents and licenses needed to become a basketball coach in Turkey? First, let’s find an answer to this technical question and then share the case with our dear readers from a wider angle.


Documents and licenses needed to become a basketball coach:

The required documents are obtained from the courses established in the system, which are gathered under 5 main roofs and are processed letter by letter. In this way, it resembles being fully qualified. Because the model of the course you will apply for the first time is the “can be a coach in the field of basketball” certificate that you will receive as a result of the 1st stage E exercise course. For this document, an exam called technical proficiency exam is applied for and entered. Subsequently, the course is attended with the sufficient score and the certificate is received with the success shown in the course.

Gradually received documents are achieved by applying to the courses and being accepted. You can enroll in D courses after the E course, C after the D course, B after the C course, and finally A courses. The first condition of participation in each course is to have completed the course in the previous phase and to have received a certificate.

As the ranks increase, so does the professionalism as you get closer from E to A. In accordance with the basketball conditions of our country today, only basketball coaches with an A license can sign contracts with the teams they have played. Therefore, every person who wants to become a professional basketball coach will need to complete these courses one by one and complete the necessary documents in full.
What are the Duties of Basketball Coaches?

First of all, the first task and goal is to form a team. Essentially, the team consists of 5 people and 5 or 6 substitutes. The first duty of the basketball coach is to select and rate hundreds of basketball player candidates regardless of their age and position, and to create the most talented and successful team on behalf of the team they played with.

Basketball coaches are also responsible for the regular training of the team. It prepares a weekly training program and ensures that its players comply with this program. It has the luxury of giving penalties or rewards to its players when necessary.


He stands at the beginning of his team in every sporting event, manages the team, organizes the internal and external dynamics in such a way that the team wins. He makes substitutions where he sees it necessary, asks for time-outs and makes strategic directions.

Where it deems necessary, it can issue a regimen program or nutrition template for its players. It organizes certain calendars and programs in order to benefit more from its players, especially those with weight or condition problems, within the team.

How Much Is The Funding Need To Become A Basketball Coach?

If it is desired to be a pure basketball coach, the amount to be paid will be the course fees. Apart from this, a reasonable payment is made for documents and certificates. We cannot give an exact number because the amounts of this money are factors that vary from course to course. Right at this stage, we should underline that when you graduate in places such as sports academies and public schools (BESYO), you are given the necessary documents.

In addition, those who want to open their own sports club or school have to keep the main money much more. It would be superfluous to allocate capital for those who choose this job as a profession in their student life. That would be as useless as a teacher making a capital contribution to teaching at a school. Candidates for basketball coaches who only need to allocate capital must have a principal only by working in private organizations and clubs.


What are the Pros of Being a Basketball Coach?

Being involved in sports. It comes at the beginning of the only feel-good professions where you can both do sports and earn money. In addition, you will have taught many young and adult candidates the love of sports, sports awareness and sports culture. However, since something is mostly done while being taught, basketball coaches also make a living by doing sports at the same time.

Basketball is an indoor sport. From this point of view, there are many sociologically productive aspects of the work. Taking children from the streets and educating them in a partially exclusive area, such as a hall, protects them from outside dangers, troubles, and bad habits. In this respect, this profession also has a qualification as a trainer. This leads to the factors that make the profession both incumbent and ultimately good.


You build an audience and fanatics. This means to be followed, to be famous and to be in the spotlight. Hearing the support of tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of people behind you against the stressful side of the job creates a great inner feeling. This will affect your life directly and in the most positive way. Even while shopping at the market, you can meet the fans who support your team, interview them and get their comments and opinions. This means that you are in a profession that is very open to communication.

On the other hand, on the way from amateur to professional, your salary will increase at the same rate with each progress. Sports – especially football and basketball – is a very popular activity area in Turkey. Therefore, you will not have a problem of being without a job, and you can continue on your way with an above-average salary even when you employ a mid-level team.

What are the Bad Sides of Basketball Coaching?

First of all, the health and responsibilities of many human beings, children and players depend entirely on you. Therefore, basketball coaching is a job that does not accept mistakes and includes high discipline. In the smallest mistake, you can cause injury to your players or to leave the field. In terms of tactics, you should constantly renew yourself in terms of theoretical and ergonomics, and you should look at the sport itself with a detailed and modern method that approaches a science.

You may be exposed to the hatred and anger of the masses as a result of your team losing or missing the championship. Turkey is a country where fanaticism can sometimes be experienced intensely with its burning supporters. Rather than drive you away, they should make you even more ambitious. For this reason, you will be together with the people you are in charge of and trying to make sports love your mission.

If you are an amateur basketball coach, you may have to work in gyms where labor conditions are inadequate and appropriate. Broken halls, old balls and third-class jerseys mean you will continue your profession on an amateur level. This. Only today, modern-day labor and innovations are organized in order to eliminate such inadequacies.

Job Opportunities in Basketball Coaching:

Turkey has been very fond of basketball, especially since the time of the 12 giant men. This has led to basketball teams and leagues becoming more professional. You will have options to train at an existing club or to work at a club you will build from scratch. It is also possible to receive a job offer from a team with a higher budget in direct proportion to your success.

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