Is Credit Rating Important When Buying a Credit Card?

First, we should start by explaining the most comfortable version of credit card and credit rating, separated from corporate terms. Credit card is popularly known as the financial support provided by banks to individuals with various campaigns, various interest rates, installments and rewards. Although payments made by credit card appear to be cashless at that moment, we normally have payments waiting for us at the end of the road. So, do banks issue credit cards to every applicant?

As a matter of fact, we can give the answer to this problem with empathy? In short, can you support every acquaintance who asks for a loan from you? In our opinion, the answer is not at least not everyone you know. If we think in terms of the bank, they cannot give a credit card to every individual who applies.

There are situations that they need to take into account in order to maintain their own existence. What are these situations?

At the beginning of the subject, it should be noted that there are more than one bank in the market, and the path they follow, the subject they attach importance to, the classes they direct the profile of the recipient are different. While some banks love their credit card customers, some banks love their investment customers.In this case, in a competitive market, banks should choose the customer that fits their profile, and customers should choose the bank that fits their profile. However, when evaluating the credit card application, the situations that each bank pays attention to in its customers are generally the same. To summarize these general situations, banks do not look forward to giving a credit card to an individual who has not used a credit card before. That person doesn’t have a good or bad reference. This prolongs and influences the decision-making process about that person. Apart from this, they have difficulty in giving a credit card to an individual with a high record, who has credit cards from more than one bank. Another bank does not give a credit card or gives a high-interest credit card to the individual who has late or never paid the installments and has accumulated installment debt. There are many situations in which we can multiply these examples as we think about it.The definition of credit rating comes into play at this stage . In short, in this case, every person who has a financial relationship with banks has a credit rating. If we simplify the definition of credit rating a little bit, your relationship with banks constitutes your point system. Not only with a credit card, but also when you apply for a loan, you are evaluated on the same credit score. In this case, the credit rating is very important in terms of having a credit card. In short, if we keep thinking empathetically, you don’t want to lend money to a certain person that he can’t pay off. In order to realize whether you can pay your debt or not, your credit rating reveals your past experience.


You are divided into five classes according to your credit score . The classification according to the score ranges is standard and is as follows;

Pretty risky medium risk little risky Good Pretty good
0-799 800 -1299 1300-1499 1500-1699 1700-1900

After this table, the term “risk” is included in our subject. The word risk adds a negative meaning to the sentence where it is used as we all know and means “the possibility of being harmed” . In short , if you are unfortunately included in the “too risky” profile, the bank will think that the probability of you harming itself is enormous. In this case, your credit score means insufficient.

However , the individual who has never had a credit card before, is unfortunately in the very risky class as we mentioned before. If you have almost no credit score and the bank has agreed to give you a very risky credit card, you can at least keep your credit rating stable (stagnant) by paying the minimum fee of your credit card a little more and on time.

Credit score needed to get a credit card

Having a stable buyer persona profile rather than having a fluctuating profile in the evaluations made in the annual distribution can increase your credit rating in a short time. Banks state that it will be sufficient to have a credit score of 1400 points on average in order to give a credit card to an individual applying at full speed . In short , it will be sufficient to be in the low risk or good class in order not to have difficulty in obtaining a credit card .

Today, we should not forget that people use more than one credit card and that these credit cards obtained from different banks follow and affect each other. Many people do not know that the usage status of the credit card they bought from bank A is taken into account in their application to bank B. However, every financial move affects the credit rating and the credit rating can be seen by every bank.


We mentioned that your credit rating is also displayed in your loan application. The same classification and point system applies to the loan application. If you are in a very risky class and have a credit card history (if not the first application), there are not many alternative ways for your credit card application, unfortunately. However, if you are in a very difficult situation and you have applied for a loan, then banks try to provide support in alternative ways such as asking for a guarantor, showing a mortgage, assurance, pledge . If your loan application is approved, you can increase your credit score with regular payments with this approval. As a matter of fact, considering the economy and living conditions of the country we are in, the definition of credit card creates a vicious circle.Many people pay the minimum amount and shop again and only perform ” month skipping “. As a matter of fact, when the situation is looked at in this way, this raises the interest rates and in the end, it is always the banks that are profitable. Credit card debts are never forgotten, they do not expire, and they will definitely appear in front of you with interest on the principal . Examples of this are very common. The recipient, who is called at certain intervals due to a certain procedure, may have to pay a mountain debt of a credit card that he has not called after five years and that he has ignored, forgotten or thought to have expired due to the insufficient economy. Therefore, it is necessary to act more carefully, carefully and in a more planned manner in such matters.

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