How to Become a Ship Captain? What is the Salary of Ship Captains?

Is It Good To Become A Steamship Captain? How Much is the Salary of a Ferry Captain?

One of the most popular professions today is undoubtedly being a Steamboatman . In particular Ferry Captain prestige in the professional sense of people with high wages they receive both, navigation, especially the younger generation makes a profession of being approached tarafınca özenilerek.

As of 2017, there are more than 180 thousand ferrymen across Turkey. Turkey, which is the 3rd country with the highest number of ferryboats in the world, has become a sector where unemployment is high due to the insufficient number of shipping and maritime companies.

While ferrymen, especially graduates of high schools and faculties, can find a job quite easily, the unemployment rate increases exponentially as they go down to lower positions. Undoubtedly, the biggest problem here is that shipowners prefer cheap foreign business energy, especially in large cargo ships operating abroad.

Working on a ship is the dream of many, but you need to know the obvious difference between the ferry staff and the captains.

Is It Good to Become a Steamboat Captain and a Steamship Man (Sailor)?
According to passenger and cargo carrying ships operating in the Turkish captains Tecim law officers, engineers, crew and all the staff to ferry man or sailor it is called. Those who want to be a ferryman must have a certificate or graduation certificate by taking the necessary training in order to be able to do this job.

For education, universities, colleges, maritime vocational schools or private courses can be attended.

Ships consist of two parts, the deck and the machinery. Responsible for these departments are seafarers who have a 4-year university degree. Personnel in charge of the deck are called the 1st officer, personnel in charge of the engine room are called chief engineer or chief engineer.

On the other hand, the captain of the ferry works in different positions as 1st captain, 2nd captain and 3rd captain according to his experience.

In order to become a ship captain, officer and chief engineer, it is necessary to complete the 4-year “Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering” (DUİ.M) department of universities. Graduates of this department, after completing their 12-month long-distance deck internship, are entitled to take the 3rd captain (long-distance watchkeeping officer) exam organized by the Steamboat Men Exam Center (GASM). 2-year maritime vocational high school graduates can take the near-way watchkeeping officer exam.

*** Far way: Covers the whole world open seas and oceans, Near Way is limited to closed seas excluding oceans (for example, all Aegean and Mediterranean waters from the Black Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar)

University graduation certificate is not enough to become a steamboat captain. 3. It is a necessary diploma to enter the captain’s exam. It is necessary to get a passing grade from the English proficiency exam (TOFEL) for the 3rd captaincy.

What Duties Do Ship Captains Do?
3. Captains use the ship 8 hours a day, administratively dependent on the 2nd captain. Their main task is to “plan the cruise”. It is responsible for tasks such as preparation of navigational maps, route drawing, control of electronic components, preparation of necessary documents for the port.

When the 3rd captains complete 36 months of duty without interruption or a total of 36 months excluding interruptions, they take the same exam and get the chance to become the 2nd captain.

2. Captains are called Chief Officers. Administratively, they are subordinate to the 1st captain. They use the ship 8 hours a day. Their main task is to ensure the safety and discipline of the ship. They have many duties, from personnel safety to loading and unloading, from ferry equipment and equipment to anchoring.

2nd captains have the chance to become a “ship captain” (1st captain) by taking the same exam after their 3 years of duty. It is impossible for all of us who have received the 1st captain certificate to be a ferry captain. Maritime companies look at the experience and knowledge of the employee at this stage. Persons with technical training, experience and good management competence are appointed as the captain of the ferry.

The captain of the ship is the person in charge of everything on the ship. Whatever he says on the ship is done. His instructions are unquestionable and must be strictly obeyed. He is the sole and authorized person on board at all points, from public order to security and legal matters.

Persons who will work in positions such as low-level ferrymen working on board (oilman, navy officer, border watch officer…) must attend various courses and take 240 hours of “shipman’s training”. Those who successfully complete the training can become a master sailor, a limited watch officer or a deck boatman at the end of their 2-year duty period.

How Much Salary Does a Ferry Captain Get?
Boat captains and members are paid much higher wages than other common occupations. Although it varies according to the company, the size of the ship and the length of the route, the average ferryman salaries are as follows.

Captain – Chief Engineer: 6.000 – 8.000 usd

2nd Captain – 2nd Engineer: 4.500 – 6.000 usd

Officer: 3,000 – 4,000 usd

Reis – Fiter – Cook – Bostromos: 1.500 – 2.500 usd

Master Seaman – Oilman: 1.500 – 1.800 usd

Karamot: 1.000 – 1.500 usd

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