Many CEOs, general managers, etc. we know from the news we read in the newspapers, the great works they have done, the partnerships they have established, or the lives we read. There are people who have succeeded. In addition, there is a detail that needs attention as follows; Those who remain in our minds most with what they do are those who come from the greatest poverty and poverty. Among the words these people say, there are those that we can really build our lives on, even our future. The following is a very small part of it I know; however, although I approached it a bit personally, I wanted to share with you a few words that I consider very important, especially Article 6 is very important for me:

1) Henry Paulson – Goldman Sachs

“True happiness is trying to achieve something that is not easy.”

Henry Paulson was told this by his father when he was little. From that day on, to fight; It has become Henry Paulson’s life choice.

2) Ömer Sabacı – Sabancı All partnership

“Do business on your own strength. When you do business with someone else’s insistence, it doesn’t taste good. The one who is doing coercion is angry with you. He takes the pain out of you in your weak moment.”

What a true statement the deceased said.. You start by indebted to someone for your successes; your end will be at the hands of the place you borrowed from..

3)Arif Bright intelligence Yalinkaya – Yalinkaya All partnership

“Don’t make money.. Earn reputation.”

A disaster may happen to you. You may run out of all your money. Here is the only thing that will help you recover for that time; It is the reputation you leave in people from the old days..

4) Erol Bilecik – Chairman of Index Board of Directors

“Continually play for success, don’t play for money. As a matter of fact, if you succeed, the rest will come by itself.”

Erol Bilecik; He never forgot these words he heard from his elders in places he had stolen before, and he based all his decisions on these rules. As a matter of fact, if you only want money, it is impossible to have a job with any profession, on this site too.. If you go, you will become a mafia. Drugs, cigarettes, etc. you are smuggling. You rob a bank. Don’t they have a lot of money from all professions?..

5) Aydın Ersöz – General Manager of Innova IT Solutions

“Making money for your customers is the most important way to make money.”

Who knows, this is the most realistic one among the rules. You may remember it from the third movie of the Godfather series. In a dialogue with Roth, the old businessman, and Michael Corleone, Roth said, “All the men I’ve worked with so far have either been killed or died of natural causes. I always made money for my partners. That’s why I’m still alive.” he was giving advice with his words…:)) People should feel safe when they are with you..

6) Caglayan Arkan – Microsoft

“If you win a big jackpot in the lottery someday; Plan how you’re going to spend that money.”

This word Arkan heard from one of his university professors; In my opinion, the most wonderful admonition among them.. We always think: we need money, we need more, then we need more.. Ask yourself: “Let’s say the money has arrived. What will my next five moves be?..” I believe most of us will stumble. That’s why I once had a situation like this.

7) Tanju Erkoç – e-kolay.net

“Be in the form of water. Sometimes stagnant, sometimes exuberant… But don’t lather; always be clear and open.”

Tanju Erkoç heard this word from a sincere acquaintance. It is a very accurate statement about the behavior of successful people being as balanced as possible and knowing how to give sherbet according to the pulse.

8) Üzeyir Garih

“If you become a manager and general manager today; Definitely have a circle of criticism around you. Establish a counterpoint that can lead you constructively.”

I hardly had a chance to put something like this into practice; but it’s a method that I think will 100% prevent you from being crazy about what I’ve become, from entering megalomaniac crises with the effect of upstart.

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