Why Was Opening a Chicken Farm So Profitable?

Hello dear readers! In this article, we will talk about the requirements of opening a chicken farm and how profitable farms that are operated correctly are.

We will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of opening a chicken farm.

Let’s start with statistics first. There are more chickens in the world than humans. According to a study carried out in the past years, chickens are the most abundant bird species in the world, with more than 25 billion numbers.

Chickens are used in two ways:

from her egg
from the flesh

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Why has it been so profitable to open a Chicken Farm lately? Now let’s give the answers to this problem and inform those who want to open a chicken farm in a positive way.

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The first reason why this sector has made such a breakthrough and become a profitable sector is that chicken doner kebab has entered the Turkish diet and has become widespread in a very short time. Chicken doner is completely a Turkish invention. Its history dates back to 150 years ago. It’s just that it’s becoming widespread, opening a chicken doner restaurant at every corner corresponds to the last 20 years. Chicken doner was first produced in Kastamonu by a man named Hamdi Usta. The world’s largest doner kebab is also made within the borders of Turkey. The total weight of this doner was recorded as 2 tons 698 kilos. In the light of this information, we can easily say that what pasta is to an Italian and what a hamburger means to an American, the equivalent of chicken doner has such important and established meanings for Turks.
If we leave all these numbers and statistics aside. The first factor that made chicken farms profitable was the intensification and increase in demand. The chicken doner kebab, which only high school and university students consume daily, has activated the chicken farms and made the trade through chicken production and sale effective. So why is chicken doner so popular? The first reason is that it is rated at very reasonable prices. In many doner shops, half a loaf of doner kebab plus ayran has decreased from 2 liras to prices. Of course, chicken meat will be cheap in a world where the number of chickens has quadrupled the number of people. At this stage, the win-by-version principle comes into play. Even in the same street, many chicken doner shops can be opened and each shop can make a profit on its own and continue their business. The fact that the chicken doner flavor is fully suitable for the nutritional culture of Turkish people has helped chicken farms to feed and sell more chickens. The students of the 90s used to go home and make pasta or fries. The current student population has two options, eighty percent and twenty percent. Either he will go to the nearest doner shop and apply the combination of chicken doner and ayran ergonomically and cheaply (eighty percent probability) or he will go home and break two eggs and complete his meal. (twenty percent probability) This being the case, the demand for chicken farms is increasing exponentially every year. Sometimes from necessity, sometimes from the ergonomic eating habits of fast life,

Another reason is that healthy living and nutrition guides increase their numbers and gain importance. Now, every day, on every channel of television and on the most important pages of daily newspapers, there are healthy nutrition guides. One of the only issues that these experts mostly underline and emphasize is that white meat should be consumed rather than red meat. As it is known, it is the general name given to foods obtained from white meat, fish and chicken products. In terms of both cholesterol and healthy nutrition dynamism, it has been proven that consuming white meat is more beneficial and more suitable for health compared to other meat consumptions. Our people have also moved away from red meat and concentrated more on white meat in order to have a healthy diet. When healthiness is added to the cheapness of white meat, which we emphasized in the first two articles, the demand has increased exponentially at this rate. This is another reason why chicken farms have been so profitable recently. People have understood the importance of a healthy life in their life and have taken a step to focus on nutrition in this respect. More demand also gave rise to more supply; Chicken farms, which are one step ahead in terms of cheapness and health, have thus passed into high-level profits.

Another reason is that many home-cooked meals can be made with chicken. Not only students but also families find it convenient to see chicken on their table both in terms of price and taste. Chicken can be sauteed. It can be fried, made into a burger, served as a schnitzel. It also partners with many rich menus such as chicken lasagna, baked chicken, chicken fries, chicken barbecue. Chicken is served as an aperitif and additional flavor alongside many dishes as it is a food on its own. Chicken is the first meat that is consumed together with fish in our daily life and for many times more than fish. These statistics have led to the increase in chicken farms and the increase in chicken care.

What should be considered when opening a chicken farm?

In order to make a profit from every business, it is necessary to be the master of that business if possible. Therefore, it is useful to know chickens well. For example, every chicken begins to lay eggs after an eighteen-week period. At the end of one hundred and ten weeks, they become cooked and ready to be sold as a meat product. Knowing such details will enable you to set up a calendar and calculate how long you will make your first sales when you get started.
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In general, you can keep two types of chickens in your farm. The first of these chickens is called the white chicken. Chickens called Rhond Island are more commonly known as red chickens.

You must establish a building for the chickens to shelter and turn it into a coop. You must make the necessary adjustments so that the house is in the right light and temperature. You should stay away from torturing chickens and chicks. As a matter of fact, your farm will be inspected frequently due to the intense pressure exerted by animal rights defenders on the ministries of health and agriculture in recent years. We recommend that you be extremely careful in such applications, both from a humanitarian and commercial point of view.

You have to buy or make a brood box. In general, there is one incubation box for every 5 chickens on average.

You need to be in contact with people and institutions that will create wholesale or retail shopping from you before you even set up your farm. Always secure your work. And working with specific clients at the beginning will always keep you one step ahead of the business.


The necessary materials and tools for creating a chicken farm are:

One or more buildings that form the outline of the farm. The more buildings, the more coop and chickens. You will also need an area for the chickens to feed and breathe.
Egg cartons and hatching boxes
And lots of chicken
People’s eating habits will hardly change, and if you are in Turkey, opening a chicken farm will actually serve the established eating habits. If you have done your job in the right way, the risk you take will be close to zero. We rarely hear of a chicken farm going bankrupt. But reports of a chicken farm enriching its owners by making day-to-day profits are common. If you want to be one of these rich people, chicken farm is one of the most logical and profitable investments of today.

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