Becoming a Mystery Shopper (Great Payoff)

We all know the term of being a buyer, and all of us who want to buy a good or service somewhere can be a buyer. There’s another type of client that you’ve never heard of, or that you’ve heard of but don’t know what it does: Being a covert client. Is this a good thing? You may have hundreds of questions in your mind, whether it is to enter the shops secretly and examine me, or to watch over the employees.


The fact that our country is making new efforts on this issue in our day, where hundreds and even millions of people in Europe are the people who are secretive, causes this sector to need more personnel. Therefore, if you are one of those who are looking for a job within the borders of our country and if you like to travel, observe and share your experiences with the products offered by different brands and your service experiences, you can do this job as you love it.

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Confidential Purchaser What does it mean?

In the most general sense, the secretive person is an observer who enters the sales areas and examines the services and sales there and conveys his feelings and experiences to people. These professionals, who evaluate almost every situation from the products they buy from the stores they enter, to the service provided, cleaning and human relations, do not know these people because they are confidential.


how to become a mystery shopper

You can evaluate each service and present it as a report in the case of confidential customer service, which used to be a business similar to the fact that the Ottoman sultans went to the bazaar in disguise and searched the people and the people who made sales.

What is a secret purchaser good for?

Secret customers are people who serve in many sectors. They enter any store almost like a real buyer. They examine every place and every service through the eyes of the buyer. Confidential customers should write down each observation made in this way on papers one by one. Naturally, I’m not talking about just going to a mall and writing down every point on paper, like secret spies. Those who will be interested in this job must have a sharp mind and the ability to remember. In this way, they examine the environment and write down every detail they remember in the form of a report. These reports, on the other hand, can be given to the owners of the shopping malls visited, and they can make efforts to correct the deficiencies and faulty parts. In fact, this situation, which looks like a sales strategy, enables companies to work more towards customers. When you are the person who takes it secretly, you support the stores and earn money.

What are the Required Qualifications of a Secret Customer?

If you have understood what the main task of the secret customer is, you must also understand how many features this profession requires. Even if you never communicate with anyone, you need to have a lot of features together. Otherwise, doing this job will not go beyond writing a story instead of a report and misleading the companies. Especially if the companies sense something like this, they will not give you a job again.

Being a Good Observer

Confidential customers, whose unity is required by observing from head to toe, have to have this feature because they will only be watching everything from the back. When you become an observer, you need to include the environment, employees, products, promotional activities around the store, campaigns and more in your observations. Additionally, since you are an observer, you must have the ability to pretend to act like the recipient. Otherwise, the whole store will understand that you are the person who is keeping the secret and things cannot show their true face.

Being Objective


If you are a secret shopper, you should definitely look at it objectively. If you start this business with the belief that I don’t like the brand or company A, I don’t like the products, the desired efficiency will not be achieved because your observations and reports will be biased. You know, as our elders used to say, you have to leave all your thoughts outside the door the moment you enter the store.

Be Careful, Pay Attention to Details!

There are some human beings who say how did they think of this, you would be surprised. This is exactly how secret customers are. They pay attention to such things that they can keep reports such as changing the angle of a product in the store, because customers cannot see all the features of this product because of standing in front of the other product. I don’t know if you ever thought that any shoe would ever be sold because it stood at the wrong angle, but it is certain that observers pay attention to many points like this.

Integrity and Reliability

Secret customers need to be absolutely trustworthy and honest. For this reason, many companies may ask confidential customers to change their reports by giving gifts and additional fees in order to gain a good place in the media and researches. As this is not an ethical behavior, it may also cause us to hear lies such as the number of people we see on television are satisfied with us. Do not neglect the fact that you reflect every point in real terms by being honest.

Writing is Important!

There are some human beings who can express themselves perfectly by speaking. But there are also some who can not only describe each thought in a fluent style by writing, but they can literally visualize the environment or make you feel the emotions they want to give you. Secret customers should definitely be chosen from these people. The fact that the writings are in a fluent style and reflect the facts not only increases the work efficiency, but also enables the company to send you to more jobs. If you love to read books and are confident in writing, I can say that this job is for you.

make money as a mystery shopper



Your Memory Must Be Strong!

Discreet customers need to be really careful when it comes to memory power, which is considered one of the biggest problems. If you immediately forget the details you see, or if you can’t remember what happened in the stores and give information that can be called the juice of the situations you see in the report, this job is not for you. No buyer comes in with papers in hand or with a camera hidden on top of it and scrutinizes everything. Since you have to act like an organic buyer, you should pay attention to this detail.

Where can I apply to be a confidential buyer?

Most of the time, job postings are opened for those who want to be a secretive person and it is sufficient to apply to research firms that provide such services from various cities of our country. If you have set your mind to enter this job, it may be sufficient to apply to many places, from companies looking for interviewers to marketing companies. In addition, you do not need to be a university graduate for this job. You must be at least a high school graduate. Age ranges can vary. There is no gender discrimination, just because more women go to underwear stores, they send you to the stores by paying attention to which gender they prefer the most.

How Much Profit Can Be Earned as a Secret Buyer?

If you want to make a lot of money in this business, I can say that all the work ends with your performance. If you are a person with really sought-after qualifications and you have succeeded in attracting the attention of companies, you can visit a few stores a day. You can charge from 10 TL to 50 TL for your one-hour store experience. Even if you spend only your weekends on a weekly basis, you can earn around 250 TL. You can choose this job as an additional way of earning or as the only way of earning. You also need to be free during the day, get ready when the phone arrives, leave the house and start shopping immediately. You can go from store to store by taking all these things into consideration. In addition, checks, gifts, The fact that it offers extras such as promotions will also support you to make more profit. In addition, if you do not want to receive money for the work you do, you can also choose a product you love. Isn’t it too beautiful?

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