What makes you fail is your own perspective…

Whether you are a member of any industry or an employee pursuing a career; If you want, be an enthusiastic entrepreneur chasing after exciting and risky business ideas. Just as we all take the same basic courses in primary and high school before going to university, every human being who wants to be successful, regardless of their field, must have some basic qualifications. These can be concrete and tangible steps such as knowing a foreign language, gaining expertise in a subject, or the art of oratory; There may also be spiritual skills, such as carrying an intense and indestructible motivation and instilling this belief in employees as well. But there is also a third aspect of the business; These are issues that every successful human being has certainly paid attention to, just as we learn to walk and talk:


I don’t know what the accuracy rate is; However, there is a story that sums up this situation for us, even if it is an imaginary one: There is a father with two children who is in a very good financial and spiritual situation. This father dies suddenly when the children are almost young, and their old happy, stable life remains intact. When one of the children grows up, he becomes a notorious criminal whom no one will approach. When asked why, he said, “Our family’s situation was pretty bad, and I had no choice but to commit a crime to survive.” he defends himself. The other brother completes his education with perseverance and exemplary hard work. He becomes successful and loved. In an interview with him, he said, “Since my father passed away, we have been very poor and in a very difficult situation. I had no choice but to study and succeed in order to survive.” explains as. These two people who carry the closest DNA to each other in their bodies; because they approached an unchangeable and inexplicable fact from different perspectives, such as the death of their father; They lived 180 degrees opposite each other.

Here is the biggest factor that separates you success hunters from others; These are the perspectives you have or can acquire later. Otherwise, blaming the environment, the environment you live in or the behavior of other people is one of the easiest and quickest escapes. I can assure you that I am one of the people who know this situation best… 🙂

Therefore; The cases we encounter, the disasters or surprises that happen to us, and how we will be in the face of other people’s positive or negative attitudes, 99% depends on our perspective on the cases and the path we choose.

Starting a Business in Greece

Hello young friends and entrepreneurs, investors who want to experience something new now! First, let’s explain why we are called young friends.

We are aware of the existence of students who read us, especially university students. And first, let’s give some statistical data. We need to grasp the gravity and urgency of the situation. Compared to last year, there is a thirty percent increase in the number of young friends who want to live, live and work abroad this year. No matter how much we love our country, it is quite difficult to find a job in a job independent of the department we are studying, let alone creating a job within the borders of this country, even if it is just to earn money!

Even when we go through the job postings, we see how absurdly compelling the situation has become. A photographer wanted to apply to a friendly agency. There was almost no obligation to “fly” in the qualifications part of the job advertisement posted on the website of the agency in question. After knowing English, there was also a condition that we are looking for collaborators who can preferably speak Italian and Spanish.

Even if the language of photography was universal, it was required to know not one, but two, but three languages, just to make you work or to load other chores apart from photography. A frustrating sight isn’t it?

However, a news we read as of today showed me and us once again that the main problem of our country is poverty and unemployment. A father of three, who is dealing with scrap business in Urfa, is kicked out of his house because he does not pay his three months’ rent. And in a big closet they found on the street, 5 people begin to live.

I think talking about foreign relations, football and Arda Turan when there are such landscapes and realities in a country is a very disastrous phenomenon and means breaking the mirror of the society.

In this article, you will find general information about Greece. Apart from that, we will share with you the plus sides of starting a business in Greece. In addition, we will share with you the answers to the first questions that may come to mind, such as what kind of businesses can be established in Greece and what should be paid attention to. I hope that our article will reach the needy minds and people in need, and the first step of a good development will be taken for both that side and our side.

Greece flag.

Greece flag. There are human beings living under every flag, and as long as humans have lived somewhere, there are possibilities and hopes. In a moment we will present you the advantages of starting a business in Greece. Because we know that it is more relaxing to start a business in this country, in this somewhat familiar land, than to start a business in Cambodia or Ghana, as we have written and quoted at length on our site.

No matter how enterprising an entrepreneur or investor or demand is, as the lands of the country move further away and their cultures become foreign, a shudder and a sense of wonder arise in human beings. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to reduce certain distances and to deal with familiar values, even if a little bit.

Let’s keep our article titled ” Does It Make Sense to Start a Business and Invest in Ghana ” for those who call me Rome everywhere? Because for some brave and daring friends, the world is a giant field. For those who know how to drive and process it, new products, new blessings and new gains will always appear. Friends who wonder what it is possible to establish a business and invest in Ghana can satisfy their curiosity by clicking on our article. Happy reading, sir.

What are the Good Points of Starting a Business in Greece?
1- Being close: Greece is our border neighbor. If you say how important this is, it comes across as a much more creative and enjoyable element in both physical and spiritual fields. It is quite easy to create a business in a country with a short distance and to manage that business over the country.

As a matter of fact, even the meetings of the business in question can now be held over Skype. It’s a complete contact revolution. This is by completely eliminating the necessity of being side by side.

Another plus is that you saw and saw that you didn’t have a job, you can’t, your return will be much easier. That’s human perception. Dear readers of finance ideas, he puts it to a man from a country that can be reached in 10 hours by plane. But the place we call Greece is right here. God forbid, even if your job breaks down or does not work, you can return to your own city from a city in the country. No one will ask you what happened to your foreign affairs. Because, in perceptions, Greece is not a distant country but a close neighbor.

2- Being one of us: There were various problems with Greece on a country basis. This is the maritime border. Finally, the Greek people’s saying that we found the baklava, that’s ours, and their efforts to have Turkish coffee again, got on the nerves. But this is how they look from the outside.

When you talk to people who went to Greece, they will tell you that Turks are very popular there. We can even state that they look at them as brothers. For this reason, we can say that when you go there, you will encounter a kind of “child homeland” interest and relevance. This will come back to you as a great comfort in many ways and especially in terms of establishing and developing businesses.

Greece is a close country.

You can see how close Greece is to us from this map. Almost walking distance. This is the number one proof that many jobs can be set up and developed much easier and ergonomically.

3- Less cultural differences: They also love baklava. Their love for the raki table is good too. They can laugh and grieve with songs like us.

Creating a business in a country whose people are like us means starting off with reduced risks. Because of this, it means as you know from yourself, from ourselves, as much as you know the likes and tastes of the people there, what they prefer and what they should stay away from. This will mean you don’t have to strain too much for great success.

4- The climate is almost the same: We have said it dozens of times. Climate matters. There are hundreds of enterprising investors who are tired of Iceland’s icy or Sweden’s constant snowfall and who leave their businesses there, even if they have succeeded. When we think of Greece, we immediately think of the Mediterranean climate. It is exactly the same with Turkey. This is also an advantage. That’s why you have to live first and then work!

A Brief Overview of Businesses That Can Be Established in Greece
First of all, there is a serious food sector gap in Greece. But also an abundance of seafood. That’s why you can open a seafood restaurant on one of the coastal beaches. Likewise, Greece is a country that gains from tourism. For this, running a hotel or a shelter seems quite logical in this small but sympathetic country.

Organizing tour guides is also a very profitable business. If you say that you are good at organization, you can put this country on your agenda after Turkey.

Greece still has not fully recovered from the effects of the economic crisis that hit it in 2013. Therefore, it has an open and inviting attitude to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. This means that as long as you want to do business there, they will open their doors to you.

We have tried to provide you with the details of starting a business in Greece as much as we can. By meeting in another country!

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