What Is It Like To Be A Security Person?

Rapidly increasing population, increasing delinquency rates exponentially with the population… Along with this, terrorism cases that have emerged in recent years… All of them have caused states and private institutions to invest in security areas and create employment.


“Safety comes first” is an American but universal term. All institutions and organizations have adapted this term to real life by recruiting security personnel.

Well, let’s start with the technical details that friends who want to read our article and want to be security guards need to know. First, we need to know the legal requirements to be a security worker . We can list the legal terms and explanations as follows:

  • First of all, since we live within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, we must be citizens of the Republic of Turkey.
  • We have to meet the health conditions specified as an obligation in the Civil Servants Law No. 657. Since it is not possible to specify all the details of this law in our article, to summarize, you must be a “healthy” person.
  • We need to be athletic in accordance with the state and some criteria. For men, the minimum height should be 1.70. For women, this limit drops to 1.65. Again, in order to be athletic, men should have a minimum weight of 60 and a maximum of 90. For women, the weight should be at least 50-60 kilos. The primary reason for making such criteria mandatory is that the job of security is a bodily job. Since the profession in question is open to many dangers, hustle and bustle, in short, the fight against crime, we are required to be athletic.
  • There is an age limit as well as weight and height limits for us to be security personnel . As in many occupational groups, the minimum limit for security personnel is 18. Individuals under the age of 18 cannot start this profession. The security worker must not be more than 30 years old.
  • Another feature sought in candidates who will fulfill this profession is that they have fulfilled their military service. With the general theoretical and physical knowledge obtained in the military, it is accepted that the candidates who have fulfilled their military service are one step ahead in becoming a security worker.
  • The security worker must be at least a high school graduate. Candidates with university degrees are one step ahead of high school and equivalent graduates in this field, as in many other fields.
  • Special Security Basic Training, as the name suggests, is a training that those who want to be a security worker must take. Upon successful completion of this training, a certificate is received and an important step is taken on the way to start a business.
  • You must not have a criminal record. It is useful to state such things in this way, but as a matter of fact, who gives a job to a perverted person in our society?
  • And finally, it is necessary not to be banned from public rights.

After all this technical information, it is necessary to list the necessary spiritual factors in order to be a security worker. Firstly;

  • Many of our citizens were injured and died due to many security violations. If we refresh our memories a little, the law enforcement and security personnel who are needed to ensure our security cannot be in the right place at the right time; We know that it causes many material and internal damages, directly or indirectly, for reasons such as not being able to intervene in a timely manner. For this reason, we should especially emphasize that security personnel is a profession that requires discipline and responsibility as much as policing.
  • There is a view around us that many of us have seen. Especially in banks. Many of the security guards in banks seem to work in another field, not in the field of security.
    Grants that are completely well-intentioned cause us to see security guards in banks doing the job of “support banker”. Although this is a well-intentioned effort, such personnel should not forget that they are responsible for the safety of the people there.
  • Being agile and fast is as important as being athletic. The case may encounter many cases that need immediate intervention. being fast in such cases means that the security worker is one step ahead.
  • We see some security guards looking everywhere, except in the area where they are assigned. A security worker who performs his job well is a personnel with strong observation power.


I seem to hear those who say how seriously is security taken in our country so that its employees should be taken seriously. When this is the case, we see that the security guards, who are supposed to be at the beginning of the professions that should never leave their place of duty, are sent to change money, make toast, and handle paperwork. Especially security workers at universities are almost like an extension of their student work. In my university, I personally witnessed that the security staff did many of the jobs for the students. It’s just that in a fight that broke out in the campus garden, that staff was nowhere to be found. When things are like this, security becomes an area that is constantly breached and abused in our country.

If you start a job as a security worker in an institution, repeat to yourself: “I am the security officer of this institution. That’s why it’s okay for me to bring someone some tea. It’s not right for me to photocopy someone. It is not right for me to carry someone’s papers to the principal.”

So what are the duties of the security guard? What makes him more authoritative than a guard and less than a policeman?

  • The security personnel can make the first intervention around the crime committed. He should too. If possible, he should neutralize the criminal, if not, he should delay for a while and call the general law enforcement officers at the time of delay. The faster this stage, the more useful it will be.
  • If there are witnesses at the scene, he ensures that the witnesses do not leave the scene and stays in contact with them.
  • Maintains documents and tools that can provide evidence of the crime at the crime scene. He tries to ensure that no one enters the crime scene. Amount in custody of witnesses and documents.
  • Security guards cannot intervene in any area other than the area reserved for them as “security guards”. Where he can intervene individually and as a citizen – for example, a crime of hardness – he can help humanitarianly regardless of his profession.
  • They can only carry the weapon given to them in their duty areas. It is strictly forbidden to carry or transport the weapon to a place other than its duties.
  • Security officers are required to carry identity cards declaring their profession and field of duty. In addition, it is essential that they be carried in a way that everyone can see. In this way, they know the first person to ask for help in the event of a misdemeanor.

Security personnel have various powers. Only these powers vary depending on the time and situation. To summarize, if we need to order:

  • Seizure authority: It is an authority that can only be carried out with the knowledge or supervision of general law enforcement officers. Apart from this, taste seizures are a situation that security staff should avoid.
  • Authority to escrow: In certain circumstances, security workers may entrust certain vehicles and documents. The entrusted materials are delivered to the owner or to the law enforcement according to the progress.

Apart from all these, there is another nuance that security officers need to pay attention to. As we mentioned earlier, security personnel are not policemen, if they are not transporters, tea sellers or canteens. However, as we have seen from many news reports and environmental observations, some security personnel make mistakes by mistaking themselves for police and deeming themselves entitled to the powers that only the police can use, in fact they are dismissed from the profession.

In this context, it should be known that the power of judicial search belongs only to the police. Apart from that, until the law enforcement officers arrive, the security employee can conduct the investigation. But we need to underline it carefully, the authority to investigate belongs to the personnel, and the authority to query belongs to the police.

May the path of every person who wants to be a security worker be clear. I hope they never have to use their guns in their career. 

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