What can be done to get rid of ignorance

There is a reality like daylight in the middle. Since the information age has come, we have become a rather ignorant society. Besides, it’s not just us. Almost all world societies. Americans, for example. They must be quite ignorant in their own field, as they still think of desert, human beings traveling by camel and black chador when Turkey or Turks are mentioned.

However, for millennia, we have been taught and shown how unique and valuable it is to learn science and progress on the way to becoming a scholar. But the results were not very encouraging. We see the destructiveness of ignorance, its effective consequences and, unfortunately, its astonishing effects. The color of ignorance is drawn with thicker lines, moment by moment, from the point where we say that there is such ignorance.

Does ignorance have a color? Has. Dark is black first, ignorance. It darkens everything, on the other hand, it finds dirt and rust. After that, ignorance becomes dark white. He does not show anything in the same way that he sees nothing. The world is now a dark and closed box. With its strong and iron hands, it takes you away from everything that you will learn, grasp, and satisfy by looking out of the window outside.

This phrase, which is frequently used in social media for a while, basically sums up everything. It’s nice to be ignorant, you know everything. Because only ignorant people have the “I know everything” attitude and neurosis. Now, first of all, we will try to explain why we are ignorant with short summaries. After that, we will present you the guide to getting rid of ignorance. In fact, we have prepared that guide for you. For most of us. Because in these distorted information ages, most of us are just a little bit ignorant.


A close relative of mine had come to visit us last year. He was surprised at first, then sullen, as if depressed, to see the myriad of books in my room. Then he took the bean out of his mouth: “You have so many books. But it took up space. Why did you read so many books? Waste of paper.” The person who said this was a close relative of mine, and that’s what he was questioning. Okay, I wasn’t expecting any congratulations from him. But his ignorance had reached such a point that he was uncomfortable with books. And people who read. According to him, the most beautiful furniture was not a bookcase. Books were a waste of both paper and space. Keep this image here, friends. The books are still with us because of that.

Why Do We Become an Ignorant Society?
1-Too-knowledge: “The person who says he is perfect has at least this flaw.” If we start from the word, we will reach the conclusion quickly. We know too much. And as a result, we destroy various images in front of truly knowing. However, there is no such thing as knowing too much. If something is infinite, it is not possible to reach more of it either mentally or mathematically. How childish and funny, we did not make ourselves known as scholars because we had a few sips of water in our mouths in the endless sea of ​​knowledge and science!

2- To love to live, not to know: Along with sentences that started with “Brother, who will read this book now”. Even students don’t read anymore. Even professionals don’t read. So a question for you: Have you ever seen a bookstore that reads books? I have not seen. The important thing is not to know, but to live. The important thing is not to have it, but to go through it. It doesn’t matter if you are a little ignorant in terms of importance. Because this age believes in being happy. He finds happiness. Well, ignorance means happiness somewhere.

3- Explosion of excessive self-confidence: I know, I do, I understand the best and the most correct of everything. Especially with the increase in the use of social media, all of us have announced their empire. This puts people on the attractive path that calls for learning, deviating from the path to cultural accumulation, to become wealthy and to act like a celebrity.


Ignorance is pumped. As well as diligently. Today, TV channels, serials, entertainment programs and other directors in daily life have almost blessed ignorance. Don’t read books, follow us! Oh, there’s another thing. Do not research, do not worry, do not question. Basically, we are responsible for preparing and presenting all of them for you. Here is the new unit of ignorance that the TV age has added to the information age. But we have salvation from this. There are ways to get rid of ignorance.

What can be done to get rid of ignorance
1- Reading too much: Those who are caught in the wind of ignorance always have two excuses not to read. The first excuse: They say that books are very expensive, they can’t find the money to buy them. For people like me, who buy good books for 5 liras from second-hand booksellers, this is just a comedy. The second excuse is more serious. I don’t have time to read. But as he says this, he has his smartphone in his hand and his earphones in his ear. For those who don’t have time to play games, chat, watch funny videos, reading is not a road but a wall. To avoid hitting that wall, they freely wave the flag of their ignorance.

2- Traveling too much: Let’s answer the bullshit whether he reads too much or wanders as much as he knows. Both know quite a lot, sir. As long as one of the two is preferred. Since traveling a lot means getting to know different cultures and creating correspondence with people from those cultures, being in different places fills the mind culturally. Therefore, let’s call your eyes or your feet strength.

3- Doing research on topics of interest: For people of our age, doing research consists of typing into Google or reading a few entries from a few dictionaries. However, when it is necessary to do research, staying awake in libraries finds its meaning only by reading books as wide as volumes of encyclopedia. You can claim over what you spent working on him. The fact that information is often easily accessible and inexpensive adds to the desperation. Unfortunately, we are now a society that does not conduct research on topics of interest.

4- Observing: Observing but seeing, not looking. Reading people’s facial expressions, determining their cultural factors. Examining the cases, getting to the root of the facts. Even reading all these kinds of things sequentially bothers people. For this reason, modern people think that they came to the earth to have fun. İsmet Hususi ”O ravenous crowd who thinks the color of life as a string instrument!” He points to such people. We cannot observe, so our eyes are focused on other things. It looks like it will stay that way for a long time.


I didn’t see it, I didn’t hear it, I don’t know. Here is the kingdom of ignorance of fear. So you can live comfortably. Don’t think too much, you will go crazy, don’t read too much, you will burn the gasket warnings always come from these three monkeys. If you do not want to be one of them, you should carefully avoid deafness, blindness and monkeying.

5- Thinking over, analyzing: We think too little now. Because thinking is something that is depressing and painful. Because of this, it is much easier and more ergonomic for people to sweep it under the mat instead of thinking about something, and sweep it under the carpet instead of cleaning the dirt.

6- Wondering and asking without hesitation: It is best to wonder. Because curiosity is the starting point of knowing and the store of action. It is also nice to ask without hesitation. It is impossible for human beings to know everything. That’s why we should wonder without hesitation and never hesitate to ask what it is and what it is not.

7- Knowing to respect: Apart from this, ignorance is not only a teaching problem, but also an education problem. For this reason, we must respect all kinds of information, the sources of that information, and seek ways to get rid of ignorance one by one for a respectable life.

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