To Become a Mediatic Professional That People Will Envy

People and professionals are now only divided into two. Those who are mediatic and those who live quietly and withdraw from this world.


Now let us first state that there is no direct and uninterrupted connection between being mediatic and doing a good job. In short, mediatic business people normally do their job well as an addition and a plus separator. Only this does not mean that every person who does their job well or even flawlessly will become a media, popular, sought after man.

We have an example of Nusret before us. Let’s not spell it wrong and piss off my friend. Nusr- et. Sometimes even a casual word game and word paring can do. The fact that that human being’s name is Nusret and that he is in the meat business and that he parses his name with such a sweet word game must be a sign of brilliant intelligence. Nusret’s actions and actions that always leave a smile on the faces in the social media, which he did from his own account, make us hear his name frequently today.

Moreover, the popularity that Nusret has achieved with his own name and type always permeates his work. That’s a success. Or let’s take Ali Ağaoğlu as a base. Ağaoğlu somehow manages to come to the fore with what he does, what he produces, and his discourses. Not only is this coming to the fore, it also triggers the wealth and productivity in business life.


There are some who are only mediatic. And in general, they do it with their bullshit, with absurd and irrelevant situations. Only this popularity does not directly affect business life. The name of the person is spoken, but only for mockery. In this case, we can call it negative popularity, to summarize.

That’s why we don’t have the luxury of welcoming every mediatic situation. Just as every field and concept has pros and cons and poles, there is a success curve and a failure dilemma to be mentioned frequently.

In this article, we will briefly touch on what needs to be done in order to become a popular business person that everyone can envy. After that, we will share with you the measures that need to be taken in order to maintain the popularity achieved and the values ​​that need to be avoided. If you’re ready, let’s get started, dear readers of finance ideas.

Opening a Coffee Shop Is Very Popular Recently There  is a popular – outdated distinction in certain institutions and business ideas, as well as in people. For example, if you try to open a web cafe with the main money in your hand, it will be to bring a completely outdated business idea to life. There are also business ideas that are about to become popular and have the potential to attract as many shops as they open. Opening a coffee shop is one of them. If you want to be popular not with your name but with the work you do, we can openly recommend the case of opening a coffee shop, which is considered one of the most popular business ideas of recent times. Have a great coffee day.

The secret of being popular is a little bit of social media.

To Become a Mediatic Professional That People Will Envy 

  • Become the King of Social Media: 


There is a possibility that in the future there will even be a term called “social media”. It is only possible to transfer the social media kingdom to production and service units in the real world. Let’s talk about a writer named X. The author shares the cover of his book on his social media accounts. Thousands of people like and write comments. But when we come to the truth, your friend can’t even make the 2nd edition of his book.

One should be aware of this dangerous distinction. A good balance should be established between social media and social life, and an area should be created that will allow both balances to feed into each other. Otherwise, your kingdom on social media just stays there and doesn’t mean anything. The likes flying over the social media accounts of the author, who could not even finish one edition of his book, remain in the virtual dungeons of that virtual world.

A friend named Nusret did this quite well. While the social media is increasing day by day – even as we write here – it has also managed to carry its business to the international arena. Thus, he managed to become the king of both social media and the business world.


  • Discourse without Example, Type without Example, Image without Example: 

We live in an age where everyone tries to be different, but falls into the trap of being so cliché the more they take steps to be different. Therefore, it becomes essential to define the originality in question with three codes and make it firm. Unique discourse, unique type, unique image.


People like Nusret or Ali Ağaoğlu were able to consolidate their originality from their spoken language to the poses they gave.


  • It’s Not What You Do, It Doesn’t Matter How You Do It: 

Regardless of the product you produce, the work you do, the important thing is to package it well and present it in gift packages. Otherwise, the faces whose names we have mentioned countless times above do not do original works. Meat sales and the construction industry are as old as history. What should we understand here? It is important not what you do, but how well you do it. That style does more business than content, the box in the package. Follow this rule and try to develop your productions and discourses in this direction by focusing on the question of what is good rather than what.

Why Is Social Media More Powerful Than We Think?  Our article in which we question and discuss why social media is more powerful than we think, in accordance with our subject title, is attached. Because without grasping the energy of social media, without being completely safe from it, we cannot use it and we cannot achieve success in this field. Therefore, if you want to be an enviable connoisseur in your business, you should solve the social media field and know how to add its energy to your own power.

The man who is a case in everything he says and does: Ali Ağaoğlu.

What Should Be Done to Maintain Current Popularity? 

  • Do not indulge: 

Some can’t control their inner child’s bouncing. Because of this, he often makes the childish mistake of indulging. Whatever I do, whatever I say, in the form of sums, he takes a step to blunt his own light with his own darkness with a view that is both spoiled and arrogant. Because of this, many people have lost themselves. It is a loss in both senses. Losing both one’s own failure and one’s own self.

Don’t be spoiled. Appreciate the success and popularity that always comes to you as a halo, and know how to avoid big mistakes by not indulging.


  • Don’t repeat yourself: 

There are now millions of possibilities and millions of areas where that possibility can be used. If you remake yourself in discourse or work, your followers and certain elements of the media will soon get bored. Give the people what they want and surround those who follow you with the amazing energy of always being unique, nurturing different movements and potentials.

Otherwise, your fall will be faster and harder than your rise. There should be news about you so that agenda items such as “The person X. surprised the audience again ” can be formed. Being talked about is a prerequisite for success. In order not to give up on this and to be the first to receive the grand prize, make sure that the ideas in your head and the work you do are always colorful and rich.

If you do not want to burst with a needle as a mediatic balloon, we kindly ask you to take what we have said as a guide. Treat yourself popular!

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