Job Interview Questions and Answers-Tell Me About Yourself

The Questions Asked in Job Interviews can be either too easy or too difficult, depending on the person’s ability to express himself. The questions asked in job interviews and their answers will mostly be the determining questions of your business life. Therefore, “Can you tell us about yourself?” You should pay extra attention to the questions that started with

It should be known that there are wrong actions that should not be done before the conversation starts. We recommend that you review our article on Mistakes Made in a Job Interview, What Not to Say.

In job interviews (job interviews), it is very important to give correct and effective answers to the questions to be asked in order to have a successful interview and to be accepted to the job.

The employer must have clarified all the questions in his mind about the person to be hired. It is not possible to get to know a person fully in just thirty minutes or an hour of interview. Therefore, in interviews, we encounter questions that will reveal our mental and behavioral characteristics as well as our suitability for the job.


It is not immediately possible to give correct answers to the questions that arise in this form, especially in abstract subjects. That’s why we have to be prepared for these kinds of questions that we will come across, and we should have planned our answers before they are possible.

Questions and answers in job interviews


  1. Can you tell us about yourself? (in this question, you should mention your strengths, weaknesses, why you are the most suitable candidate for the job as much as possible)
  2. Where do you envision yourself to be in the future? (In this question, you should specify which positions you can take in the future and what contributions you can make to the company as much as possible)
  3. Do you plan to achieve your goals well? (You can answer this question by specifying what kind of training you need and what opportunities you can reach by using the company’s facilities)
  4. Why do you want to work in our company? (When answering this question, you are expected to answer not only for the benefits that a single company will provide to you, but also by specifying the benefits that you will provide to the company)
  5. What is a mistake you made in the past and what are the lessons you learned from that mistake? (In this question, we are trying to find out whether we have made self-criticism and whether we have learned a lesson from our mistakes)
  6. What was the worst situation you encountered? did you deal well with it?
  7. What behaviors of the people you work with make you happy? Which ones bother?
  8. Do you see yourself as a leader or a team member?
  9. Do you deal well with stress?
  10. What is your salary expectation?


The patterns discussed in detail about the Questions Asked in Job Interviews are as follows. If you have questions, you can contribute to the list by writing to us in the comment section.

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