For those who want to open a barber shop

We are going to open a new barber shop, we need to earn money, but “how can we make money if we open a shop? ” echoes the question. The barber shop is one of the jobs that will make good money if it is done by fulfilling the requirements of today.


CURRENT STATUS ASSESSMENT: Today barbers can’t even find an apprentice. As long as the number of people who have completed 4 years of faculties in the market, only the number of artisans does not exceed the fingers of one hand. You can also make good use of this gap. You can not be ashamed of the 4-year faculty you have studied, and after a few certificates and a 1-year apprenticeship, you can step into the barbering profession.

How much capital is required to open a barber shop?

First of all, you should contact the municipality and find the necessary documents, and then the tax documents etc. needed. After that, you can start organizing the shop.

Actually, a lot of capital is not required to open a barber shop, so the capital of barbers is their labor, not their materials, other than that, what you need to open a barber shop is if you are designing a shop from scratch, counter, sink, mirrors, blow dryer, combs, Shaver, armchairs, etc. for equipment; It starts from 15 thousand TL and you can open a small barber shop for 15 thousand TL, as I said, from your design, brands, prices, quality all play a variable role in this price.
Let’s see how long you will start earningFrom the moment you open the barber shop, you start to win with the first customer, and you can continue to gain more in this way, and if you do not earn more, you can earn more in the future, but for this, you need to open your barber in a regular place and do your job in the best way so that your customers can make your advertisement. “ What should barber openers pay attention to?If you ask, “The barbers need to redesign the shape the customer wants according to him, this means that they have to try to turn the customer into the man of their dreams. Nowadays, the understanding of barber does not carry the logic of cutting hair, as in the old times, people go to the barber to look better and feel better, and barbering is not a temporary job, human hair grows constantly and barbers are always needed. You have to make him love you and prove to him with the shave you make that no one else can do your shaving as well as yours, so that he will talk about you everywhere and always shave on you.


When you correspond with people, you look at his face first and the first thing that catches your attention is his face and hair, so people pay attention to the beauty of the face and hair, the more people pay attention to themselves, the more attention they attract, and others look at them, so people should always take care of themselves. similarly, they do not go to the barber once a month or two, but the younger generation goes to the barber once or twice a week. The purpose of this is not to cut her hair, but to make her look beautiful all the time and to want to be well-groomed.

What should barber shoppers pay attention to?

Coming to this question, the easiest thing barbers can do to earn more and not lose their customers is to pay attention to what other barbers are doing. The goal should always be more than what they do. Young people are potential and dynamic customers of barbers. Young people should pay attention to their opinions and suggestions and make changes to their satisfaction. When they enter the barbershop, they should feel happy, so they should learn new hairstyles for them, and what the new generation calls idols means that they need to learn their hairstyles after their model. From the very beginning, it means that people have always tried to be like the people they like from the past to the present and have done what they did. They dressed and acted similarly. This is why young people are interested in what they are interested in, you should be knowledgeable about them due to your job. You should find and bring perfumes that young people will love.
In addition, when people reach your barber, you should speak the language they understand well so that they can know you as a friend or even as their friend.

According to one study; Since human beings are mostly in a relationship with their spouses and business life, they chatted with their barbers afterwards.

If you impress customers with your conversation, your customers will choose you and shave from you, no matter how high your shaving prices are; but just because the customers are having a good conversation with you, don’t attract the customer with just one conversation. The materials you use should also be of the highest quality and the best so that even if there are 10 or 15 barber shops next to each other, the customers should choose you and you should shave.

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