Being able to use your creativity to your advantage in the most difficult and dead-end moments

Today, many problems arise due to the vicious circle, and many issues are forced to be solved in ways that are imprisoned in the vicious circle. Everything is carefully compressed for your uniform movements, which a conditioned reflex allows, but out of ignorance, but because it suits them. It is also called normal.

Look, dear readers of finance ideas! Today, there is no other word as dangerous as the word “normal”. If we are going to talk about creativity in this article, and talk about its direct effects and benefits in our lives, first of all, we need to get rid of this ” normal ” scourge.

A person goes to school at the age of 6 and starts to be normalized. The slightest extravagance, extreme difference, whether in the field of production or in human relations, is punished by teachers with a warning and a bad grade. Everything is defined and positioned within the framework of the strict rules of mathematics.

As you progress through school, you will see that nothing is different when you come to high school and university, and that everything and every person is running in a sea of ​​absolute sameness. The ridiculous and funny thing is that the clichés, the same practices, and similar examples are created every time, as if the most unique and creative thing in the world is presented by the person.

As the author of these lines, I can tell you that I graduated from the radio-tv-cinema department. And during my student life, I had to ‘unfortunately’ witness and watch many short films of many students and friends. All of them were just imitations of each other and of the directors they were very fond of. But given their attitude and the glamor they were selling, it was as if they had made films, all from scratch, all wonderful and highly creative.

This personal example shows us both the course of the country and the decline in the world. Creators, against stereotypes! It has always been this way. Only on a personal basis, when it comes to saving ourselves, it’s the job, at that point, those who produce cliché solutions to problems are doomed to lose in the first place.

Dialogue with the cliché brain: Aga, I broke the girl’s heart, she has not been answering my calls for two days. What should I do? The response from the cliche brain: Go apologize to the girl. It will fix you!

Come on, say sorry. really? Look, that never occurred to me.

Methods to Increase Creativity Creativity is a technical matter as well as mental, and as with any technical problem, there are ways to increase it. There are also courses for just that. Creative writing classes etc. I recommend that you stay away from a course that aims to undermine your own production cycle by learning creativity from someone else from the very beginning. If you are going to learn creativity from someone else, how can you be creative? If you only want to learn the ways to it and then grow your own flowers in your own garden in the most unique way, our article on ways to increase creativity is with you.


Don’t be careless to feed off other ideas for creative gear.

The 2 Friends of Creativity: Hope and Faith
Being hopeful, but against what? Of course, we are talking about the hope that incoming problems, things that get out of hand, and troubles will go away as they came. There is only one solution to death in the world, friends, who knows, it is a possibility because death itself is a cure many times. whatever.

It’s hard to be hopeful anymore. For this reason, people’s belief in both external factors and themselves has decreased. In the face of the slightest negative situation, all sails are forward. The fact that the ancient people were stronger was because they were more hopeful and faced a thousand and one scourges.

Contemporary human beings, on the other hand, have to be creative if they are to be strong. For this reason, troubles and troubles are also creative. With the developing world perception, even the way of suffering has changed. Our mothers who said that the world has a thousand and one forms were not mistaken. Rely on your two friends to be creative and keep it going. Be hopeful and be sure. Make sure that every problem has not one, but dozens of solutions. Be sure to the spark points of your brain, the trouble-repelling power of your intelligence. Believe it! If you don’t believe it, you have admitted defeat from the start and realized that you are by wiping your own name from the foggy windows.

Why Creative People Rather Than Intelligent People Are The Future? If you believe in the future, you will also believe in yourself and hope. Nothing is stronger than you. Man, who is the master of this world, is in a tangle of complex relationships and problems, so that he is not an easy being or something to be taken lightly. You see, you see, no matter what you do, the issue is not resolved. Are there problems where creativity is not enough? Of course there is. The last creativity you will do at that time will be to forget that problem, ignore it and ignore it. Unless you are looking in that direction, nothing in that direction is real!


In the creative mind, every thought is a different color.

3 Components of Creativity
1- Finding:

The inventor has to come up with the idea first to invent. The explorer can only take action after deciding what the place he wants to explore is and choosing the direction. The creator must first focus, be aware of the subject and the creation process, and then activate the dynamo of ideas.

The first requirement to be creative is to find. Finding yourself, finding your mind, finding your starting point and starting point. It is only after that that creativity can move away from its chaotic environment and head towards a certain goal. On the other hand, aimless creativity does nothing but put people in more difficult situations and more deadlocks. The important thing is the fiction, knowing how to fit the fiction.

Imagine a writer who thinks of a topic to write a novel about every day. Pretty creative indeed. But there is no fictional acumen to continue from him, to bring the novel to its conclusion. He finds himself alone and leaves. He doesn’t go after the job, he’s only interested in the beginning, not the result. This is why human beings, if you look at the truth, waste their creative powers on the right and left, in scattered positions.


2- Assimilating:

You have to absorb the creativity potion you have found and make it immanent. In the most difficult and deadliest moments, a lot of creative ideas, solutions and measures will come to you, either out of desperation or out of haste, like lightning strikes. The process of assimilation refers to: Is the solution, which I thought truly creative, a truth or an illusion?

Sometimes a super verse comes to mind. Wait, let me take a note. Then, a few days later, we see that that line was written by someone else, moreover, in a more beautiful and aestheticized way, by someone else . This is where the complexity of creativity, which stands very close to the vicious circle, stops. Man is a pure creature that can sometimes deceive himself. With that naivety, he thinks that he has found the most ergonomic solution, the most unique defense method in the world, and finally he tastes the biggest of mistakes.

Attention should be paid to the fine line between infertility and creativity. Otherwise, the things we find as solutions often add to the top of the mountain of issues and make us even weaker. Let’s say be careful and move on to the third item.


3- Taking Action:

The ultimate in creativity is knowing how to act. Creativity is such a power that it doesn’t become a verb, it is expressed as an easy project and then collapses with a bang. That’s why any thought that doesn’t take action, whether it’s the most creative idea in the world, is worthless and is just idle chatter rather than results-oriented.

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