A Little Guide to Becoming a Cyber ​​Security Expert

Hello dear readers of finance ideas. In this article, we will talk about a profession that is not known much but needs to be known. The main reason why it is not known is that we, as a country and universities, have not dealt with this issue enough and this sector has a new meaning almost.

If we were to ask you what a cyber security expert is, what does he do, who to call, how many of you can give correct and appropriate answers? You are not guilty or responsible for the few and negative answers to this problem. Because, as we have said, cyber security is an area and sector that is almost newly formed.

In other words, cyber security expertise came to the fore and took root after external forces and malicious formations that we perceive as cyber terrorism or cyber attacks and cyber threats increased their power .

When we say cyber today, we mean both space and possible attacks from space, as well as virtual networks used by every human being, which we will call telecommunication, informatics and web. While there are hardly any recorded attacks from space, the web environment is highly prone to such dangers. It is becoming more and more open.

It is good that if our real world is exposed to all kinds of threats with its own existence and the areas it covers, this virtual world we have created and the information about that world are always under reservation. Because wherever there are human beings, there is always the possibility of a threat and attack.


Although it is not given much importance in our state, cyber security is extremely important.

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What is Cyber ​​Security?
What is the Importance of Cyber ​​Security?
What It Takes to Become a Cyber ​​Security Specialist
What is the Salary of a Cyber ​​Security Specialist?
What are the Job Opportunities of Cyber ​​Security Specialist?
The Pros and Cons of Cyber ​​Security Expertise
What is Cyber ​​Security?
It is important to ask this question because we do not know what cyber security is. We really don’t know. For example, all the information that the state keeps secret is in the field of cyber security. In addition, the general security details of how the state is registered and how its structures are formed are also within the field of cyber security.

Apart from this, every basic structure that facilitates life in daily operation, such as health, energy, public services and banking, is the formation that needs to be protected both in reality and in the cyber world.

Let’s remember the Matrix. It is good that if there is a separate world view consisting of numbers, numbers and some operations, there is a view that we do not see but remains inside computers and web data. Cybersecurity exists to prevent that landscape from crumbling and generally means keeping and protecting information.

Why The Rise Of The Internet Has Changed Many Rooted Rules If we are writing about this subject today, the biggest reason is the web environment. Therefore, we are here to understand and convey why and how the rise of the web is the change of many fundamental rules. Have a good read so far.


What is the Importance of Cyber ​​Security?
Both in the state, in the field of security, and within the scope of private companies and companies, cyber security is spreading to a strong and wide area. Because, as a world, we are moving to a different realm, a different world, and we are passing through.

For example, we still don’t know how a very famous coke company makes the coke well. Because it is kept as a secret, even more like a secret. However, this data is preserved in the web environment where millions of data are returned. Normally under the supervision of cybersecurity experts. Today, this big coke brand has a cybersecurity expert that he has stolen and acted with. Because data must be kept absolutely. If we keep our money in the bank rather than under the pillow; we keep the vital details in question on the computer and in the field of cyber security, which is the mysterious world of numbers.

The importance of cyber security starts exactly in this line. Today, while a part of the cyber security environment in Turkey is domestic, a large part is under the control of Israeli and US companies.


Do not forget to close the locks in the cyber space.

What It Takes to Become a Cyber ​​Security Specialist
First of all, you need to know certain basic software, if you do not know, you need to learn. For the necessary software information , we can list programming languages ​​such as Html, php, java, css, mysql . These basic and necessary software represent the locked drawers in the back rooms of the web and the hidden formations of the cyber world. If you do not know this kind of software, you cannot do this profession. In a way, knowing these programming languages ​​is equivalent to learning to read first to become a novelist.

Apart from that, your mathematical intelligence must be at the highest level. Because your work will be about codes, numbers and certain statistics.

Finally , you must enroll in a course and get the certificate you need . If you put your mind to it, you can find countless places on the Internet that offer cybersecurity specialist courses. These courses are generally completed in a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 2 or 3 weeks. After completing the weeks and process, if you succeed, you will receive your certificate and you will have completed the first step to step into your profession as a future cyber security specialist.
Our article, 5 Wonderful Eases That Can Be Done With Internet Banking , is not directly related to cyber security, but it is completely related to it. Because web banking, which combines both the internet and banking, in a sense winks at the field of cyber security.


Are Cyber ​​Security Specialist Salaries Good?
Little did you realize that the job was private, difficult, and extensive for him. Be aware that the money for such private works is also private. With a highly paid and rewarding job in cybersecurity, the exact salary will be determined by the company you work for. They’re very satisfying on salary, even if it’s just purely {private sector}.

Salaries abroad are astonishing. There are cybersecurity experts who earn a salary of up to $10,000 . For example, this is how it is in the USA. As a cyber security expert, you can both be an expert and earn enough money for a lifetime in a few years.


Cyberspace has its own unique thieves and spies.

Are the Job Opportunities Good for Cyber ​​Security Specialist?
If we are talking about Turkey, it is difficult. Pretty hard. Because how many cybersecurity experts are there already? More accurately, how many companies need cybersecurity experts? When foreign powers with a little power hack their sites or access their seemingly inaccessible information and expose it to the nation, they understand that goose foot is not like that.

Turkey pays so little attention to cyber security! Therefore, we would be misguiding if we say that your job opportunities are wide like that, and more like that. There are quite a lot of people who predict that Turkey will start to attack in this field after only 10 years and that it will need a cyber security expert in order to train the necessary personnel.

Therefore, do not darken the neck and if you are interested in this field, take a few weeks and enroll in the necessary courses.


The Pros and Cons of Cyber ​​Security Expertise
Undoubtedly the first good part is being an expert. Think about it, you are asked about your profession and you answer as a cyber security expert . This is charisma in itself . Apart from that, protecting the necessary details and infrastructure against cyber spies, whose intentions are completely evil, is a pleasant and trusting job no matter how you look at it.

The bad sides are the rapid development of rapidly developing technology and the dark forces attacking various infrastructures with different and stronger techniques each time . For this, you must constantly update what you have learned and know how to be cool.

Finally, the worst part is that there are almost not enough job opportunities in this field .

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